Abu Kass Rice

Abukass Products

Nowadays, there is an increasing awareness in our developing societies about the importance of healthy food. Consumers seek food that is low in fat and rich in natural carbohydrates and starches. They want to avoid foods that have been subjected to preserving or chemical treatments which cause many chronic diseases such as several types of allergies, high blood pressure and diabetes. This makes us more responsible and picky about the real components of our food and what we eat and cook.

Abukass rice brings to your table the supreme source of carbohydrates for the whole family of different ages and state of health. It does this while satisfying your taste buds, because healthy food does not mean flavorless. We assure this great value by taking care of rice grains during the refining of paddy so it does not lose any of its nutritious value and natural components, making it perfect for numerous cooking styles. The dietary benefits of rice include being a rich source of calcium, potassium and phosphorus, protein and starch. Nevertheless, Basmati rice is free of fat and cholesterol so it is not hard to include it in a daily healthy diet.