Abu Kass Rice


Saleh Abdul Aziz Babaker Sons Co consistently looks for ways of diversifying its activities and researching innovative ways to present its Indian basmati rice products. AbuKass is the leading local brand of basmati rice, founded over fifty years ago in Riyadh, with a distribution network of seven key areas throughout the Kingdom. AbuKass embraces the lead in the Saudi market as it provides the finest rice recognized in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

Basmati rice is the best class of long-grain rice, with an average length between 6.8 and 7.7 mm, which is grown in the northern region of India. Mezza Basmati rice has been prepared specifically for combined cooking, i.e. rice with other ingredients such as meat and vegetables. The quality of AbuKass rice is guaranteed: full-grain rice; natural color; and more importantly, it doesn't lose its nutritional value during the cooking process. Moreover, Abukass rice grains do not break down during cooking.

With all of the nourishment guaranteed by AbuKass, families can afford to choose the best rice to prepare fancy meals, and prepare the tastiest and most delicious dishes that have satisfied millions of families and hospitality organizations.