Abu Kass Rice


Rice is the most important crop in Asia, and rice consumption in Saudi has risen sharply over the past decades; fueled, in part, by the fact that more than 70 percent of traditional Saudi meals are based on rice. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of quality rice built on AbuKass brand legacy. That legacy is commitment to apply international quality standards at all stages of production and distribution, starting at the highlands of the north part of the Indian subcontinent and ending in our stores.

We are, first and foremost, corporate citizens of the communities in which we work, so our standing as good business models is not just a gesture. It is an important component of our daily operating practice. It shapes our business decisions, at the local level and overseas, where our team runs the production process. Our specialized and highly trained team consists of farmers and crofters in the rice fields, supported by specialists and highly trained agriculturalists, alongside the busy bee team in the distribution and sales departments.

We cherish the relationship that binds us with that big family of people who work to develop "AbuKass." We embrace strong relationships with farmers in the rice fields because they are the seeds of our production: our grass roots. AbuKass's commitment to corporate social responsibility is a direct reflection of the founder's life-affirming spirit.

Being one of the most forward-thinking rice products of its time, the reputation that AbuKass has built for quality management starts from the early stages, even before planting and harvesting. First, our rice seeds are tested very carefully in our labs in India to ensure that we have the finest grain. We follow paddy developments on an ongoing basis, and we are keen to nurture our rice grains with the natural water flowing from the foothills of the Himalayas, irrigating the fields and giving the rice its distinctive flavor.

We proudly monitor the growth of our paddy at all stages until the time comes to harvest, at which point we use the most advanced equipment gathering and storing it in a manner to ensure good ventilation and to maintain a high degree of cleanliness. Then, with Mother Nature's love, we take care of the rice paddy, as it is transported to the refineries, maintaining high standards at each step of the journey.

The last stage is the advanced production process. AbuKass owns the best technology available to operate the many stages of peeling, sorting, polishing and packing. Starting with the selection of the finest grains of paddy, which is done automatically and under precise supervision, the well being of the rice grains is assured: keeping them free of impurities.

Yet AbuKass commitment to quality management does not end with the production cycle's end. Delivering AbuKass to our local market stores is also done under strict conditions. The storing is precisely controlled in well-ventilated, dry, climate controlled storehouses to preserve the quality of rice: making sure that it remains untouched by human hand. That way we can offer the first touch to the loving housewife, and everyone who chooses to prepare delicious meals in their kitchen or restaurant.

Our company logo the trophy symbol - stands for excellence. We believe that we achieve that excellence by providing a global experience and by being a role model. All these efforts mark the highest quality of rice with distinctive taste and unique flavor.