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4 Steps to keep working out

We’ve all been there, we start working out, we want to be in shape and then we loose motivation and we stop doing it.

We’re here to give you 4 steps to help you stay on track and to make your life easier:

Set one easy, specific, measurable goal. There are several keys to setting this crucial goal.

Write the goal down, and make it an easy goal to achieve and be specific about in a way that you can measure if you have reached your goal or not.

For exemple: 10 minutes of exercise per day, set your alarm and achieve that goal.

Log your new habits, If you can log your workout, you will start to see your progress, and it will motivate you to keep going. And you have to make it a habit to log it right away. Don’t put it off, and say you’ll do it before you go to bed. As soon as you’re done working out, log it.

Report to others, this is key. You can do it on your blog, on an online forum, with your spouse, or friends or family, or a workout partner, or a coach, or a group, or a class. However you set it up, make it part of the process that you have to report your daily workout to other people.

Add motivation as needed. The first three steps might be enough for you to get the habit going. But if not, don’t just give up. If you miss two consecutive workouts, you need to look at why, and add a new motivation. Rewards, more public pressure, inspiration, whatever it takes for you to keep going.