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5 Rules Of Your Mirrored Walls

Mirror, mirror on the wall! This ancient fairy tale phrase says it all. A mirror is a major tool to define beauty; it can make any room look spacious and sophisticated. And there aren’t any real rules when it comes to decorating your walls with mirrors.  Just like any home decoration item, mirrors should go in harmony with the home’s design, the colors and accessories.  Mirrors expand the visual space with bright and decorative accent. They are also timeless and multipurpose design accessory that can be integrated into any interior style. We share with you mirrors designs to help you to find the right one for your walls.

1 More is less

If you decide to place mirrors all over the wall; you may get the feeling of living in a gym or dance studio. The same is for putting a small mirror on a huge empty wall.

2 Paint or color

According to your room style you can renovate a mirrored wall and give them modern appearance or antique’s elegance. You can get mirror colors set, do it yourself and glaze, paint and a apply faux-finish. You can also use stencils and frosted paint spray to give your mirrored walls an engraved look.

3 Patterns

Give your mirrored wall a new look with patterns and removable decals. They come in a range of designs: floral, geometric and modern arts designs.


Who said frames should be only wood or colored metal? You can align your mirrors’ frames with surrounding fabric. Choose textile with a tight weave so it will resemble a real frame, on the other hand, the lightweight fabric reflects light. You can hide the seams with ribbon or glue-on strips of faux art trim for a finished look.


Spreading the same wallpaper fabric as your wall over certain blocks of mirrors is another creative option. If you have doubts that you like this idea, you can use removable wallpaper, thus you can peel them off with no damage when you're ready to move.