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5 Summer fruits that will moisturize your skin

Here is summer knocking at our door along with the month of Ramadan and as a result of fasting and the weather change this will inevitably affect our skin and expose it to drought while we drink less water. And since the freshness of the skin starts from the inside, we have to make sure that we are eating nutritious foods for the body that can maintain the freshness of the skin, if we learn about the foods that provide extra moisturizing for our skin then we will never be affected by factors of drought again.

Here are some essential fruits that hydrate the skin:

Strawberries: Strawberry is the most important food antioxidant and strong skin infections fighter, it is also a wonderful calming remedy for acne due to the strong effects it has in closing the pores of the skin. In addition to tasting delicious strawberries can remove toxins from the body and purify the blood and are considered a rich source of folic acid and many of the necessary ingredients for a healthy body.

Apricots and peaches: They maintain the oily skin secretions and control the sugar in the blood; so make sure to eat three a day and that will help with the freshness of your skin. You can also introduce it to any dishes or salads you want.

Apples: Apples contain all the antioxidants which keeps the skin young and glowing. Eating one apple a day provides a dose of vitamins that contribute to get rid of dark circles and spots and skin impurities. Overall, the apple contains many nutrients Kalpata carotene, potassium, iron and other ingredients that will maintain the health of the skin and the level of hydration.

Watermelon: It is an excellent lotion to rinse the face and preserve the natural freshness of the skin, and this apart from improving the immune system and maintaining the health of cells. Watermelon contains the most important antioxidants and is rich in vitamin C source and A, and high beta-carotene which is a generator of energy drink and it reduces the risk of skin cancer diseases.

Grapes: It is rich in vitamins that improve the appearance of the skin and prevents the appearance of skin problems, it also helps reduce the level of cholesterol and blood sugar by improving blood circulation. Grape seed also contains acids have a therapeutic role in cases of excess secretions in the skin.