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5 Winter Recipes

We bring you five fast recipes from around the world that are absolutely scrumptious

and lend a cultural flair to any meal. Don’t miss trying them with your family.

Steamed and seasoned Broccoli

This dish can be served during any meal at any occasion. Simply steam your broccoli and let it cool down so that it is just below room temperature, then, sprinkle with lemon, blue cheese, olive oil or just salt and pepper. This is a great way to enjoy this side dish which is full of omega3 and vitamin E.

Mushroom Swiss Sauce

You might not be a mushroom lover, but this recipe is a keeper! Combine mushrooms with little water in a skillet, and then, when heated add flour to get a thick sauce which you can season with desired spices. Although this might be one of the most used burger recipes, you can spice up steak dishes with this flavor too.

Chicken and Oat Soup

Soups are appropriate starters for any type of meal; they also have the additional advantage of being healthy. For this one, cook boneless chicken with water and desired spices, then add oats. Mix in the blender and cook again until chicken and oats are harmonized.

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes:

Are you looking for a tasty substitute to French fries? Try this cheesy mashed potato recipe as a side dish for your children or close friends and you will be asked to do it again frequently. Prepare your mashed potato as desired. However, before pouring into the serving dish, mix with melted cheddar cheese, or use cheese as a tasty and colorful topping.

Sizzling Carrots

All you need is little oil and shredded carrots and you will have a terrific side dish to any pasta meal.