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Balanced Ramadan Iftar

One of the characteristics of Ramadan month is the meeting of parents and relatives around the breakfast table, so you will find yourself serving all the delicious dishes and sweets. But how to make your breakfast healthier with a few simple steps to enjoy good health for you and your family:


- Choose healthy foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables. Choose the brown bread and wheat pasta. In addition to fish and some red meat

- Cook in a healthy way! Try to cook sambusak inside the oven instead of frying. Introduce steamed vegetables to preserve the vitamins. And always reduce the use of salt

- Eat meals in a balanced amount instead of excessive amounts

– Diversify your meals during the week instead of relying on one or two types of daily dishes

- Do not forget to consume milk, yogurt, olive oil, dates and natural juices for your heart, bones and muscles