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Developing Your Child Brain

Developing the Smartness of a Child Depends on the Mother’s Love!


All mothers care about their children but the type of love you show to your children can affect them deeply and it is the reason for increasing the size of the “hippocampus” in the child’s brain!


Hippocampus is the area of the brain responsible for learning, memorizing and controlling of psychological stressors. The care and love a mother gives to her child is very important for a healthy brain growth, which is also reflecting positively on his general health. Because a loving social environment affect the structure of the brain.


Despite the extra responsibilities of mothers these days, they must devote a daily routine in which they could play and talk to their children, as well as embrace them to give them that security feeling, and tell them how much they are loved.


Punishing your misbehaved child, to raise them good, is not a problem; it will not shrink the “hippocampus” in their brains. What is important is how a mother is treating her child generally.