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Food That Gets Rid Of Bloating

Who doesn’t suffer from the occasional and usual bloating after a big meal? Sometimes it gets so severe that it lasts for hours and upset the stomach to the point where we can no longer eat during the day.

Ironically, while a lot of foods are the cause of this bloating, there are also foods that you can eat that will get rid of this bloating and relieve your stomach.


Bananas are filled with fiber and potassium that helps you relieve water retention and help you get rid of that annoying bloat.

Leafy Greens:

Lettuce, Spinach and Kale are filled with important nutrients and are low in calories and loaded with fibers that can help ease your water retention.


Artichokes are loaded with fiber and represent about 30% of your recommended daily allowance. It will help your digestive system work properly and avoid bloating problems.


Rosemary, bay leaf, and ginger can help break down the indigestible sugars of cruciferous vegetables and beans. Add while cooking to reduce gas and bloat.


Its live and active cultures help quash gas production by upping the good bacteria in your gut.

Chamomile Tea:

It’s soothing features and calming effect help calm the nerves of your stomach and aids in digestion easing any signs of bloating.