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Guide to Better Health

Let’s face it, a women’s life is never easy and it is hard to keep up with your household, following up on everyone’s needs around and taking care of your own at the same time. However, taking care of your health in order to keep taking care of the ones around you is a must and a priority in your life.

Here are a few tips for you to stay healthy and energized!

Laugh, whenever you can!

Laughing not only eases stress, promotes social bonding, and lowers blood pressure, it may also boost your immune system. So bring some humor into your life, whether it's through friends or even a new TV show

Don’t skip breakfast

Fiber in the morning means less hunger late in the afternoon, when you're most likely to feel tired and gorge yourself on sugar. Make sure to have a balanced healthy breakfast before you start your day as it will help set the mood for the entire day ahead.

Go Green!

Drink more green tea during your day. It's packed with heart-boosting and cancer-stopping polyphenols that black tea doesn't offer. (These beneficial chemicals are lost when it's fermented.) Green tea also delivers a boost of alertness, but from a smaller dose of caffeine than black tea.

Work out

If you can work out for at least 1 hour per week that’s already a good start. you'll enjoy a range of benefits: reduced risk of heart attack, better mood, and lower blood pressure. Your muscles will become more efficient, so you'll have more stamina for more enjoyable activities that also work up a sweat.

Eat more nuts!


Nuts are among the best sources of healthful fats and protein around. They have a big dose of Omega 3 that can boost your brainpower.