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Helpful Tips for Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan is a divine way to improve the general health of a person if he/she follows the correct methods during Ramadan and kept away from bad habits! Follow these tips to gain the best results in this month of goodness:

Drink plenty of water during the evening at intermittent times until dawn; at least 7 to 8 glasses a day

Following traditions and Sunnah is the best habit especially at Iftar (breakfast) time; start by eating a date and then soup and salad before introducing a large amount of food into your system

Lack of movement is the worst habit which causes serious consequences! After breakfast, walk for an hour or exercise for 30 minutes

Avoid salted foods as they increase thirst

Introduce carbohydrates into your system during Ramadan, for example, rice, potatoes and Bulgur to adjust blood sugar during the day

There is nothing wrong with some dessert but you should multiply on vegetables and fruits as well