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Simple Rules for a Successful Vacation Trip!

We gathered some simple and effective tips to enjoy your vacation to the max:


- Avoid carrying lot of luggage and always plan what to wear before packing

- Google map is your friend when travelling to get to know the place very well

- Visit un-planned places to understand the lifestyle of the natives

- Learn simple phrases from the country you’re visiting

- Accept spontaneous moments instead of planning your trip

- There are not enough amounts of pictures that you can take; so just take them all!

- Always ask about the special offers either from the airline or the hotel where you will reside

- Book your flight minimum 2 months in advance

- Take pictures of your luggage and belongings in case you lose them

- Carry a backup credit card in case your original card got stolen

- Take only the amount of money you need not more

- Waist bag attracts attention that you’re a tourist, so it’s better to avoid them