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A Light Suhour Meal To Make You Feel Full

What are the tips for a healthy Suhoor , knowing that the Suhoor is an important meal before the fasting hours begin?

The meal before Dawn known as “Suhoor” is a very important meal to start fasting. It stimulates the digestive system, maintains blood glucose levels and helps in preventing thirst during the fasting period. That’s why it should be a light meal free of pickles, fried foods, very sweet and salty foods.

For a “Suhoor” to be healthy, it should contain:

- Some foods that are rich in fibers: wheat, whole wheat bread, high fiber cereals such as bran flakes, oats and vegetables.

- High protein foods: milk, eggs, yogurt or meat...

- Foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as raw nuts, most importantly raw walnuts and raw almonds.

- Fruits in moderation

It is also necessary to drink fluids especially water and not too much coffee or tea because they contain high levels of caffeine, which will trigger the body to lose water and some minerals. Instead, replace them with non-caffeinated beverages such as anise and non-caffeinated herbal teas.

Examples of a healthy and light “Suhoor”:

1 cup of milk with bran flakes topped with almonds and dried fruits OR chicken and vegetable soup and 1 cup of yogurt with whole wheat bread and 1 fruit such as a banana or 3 dates.