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A new ‪‎medicine‬: ‪‎Cumin‬

Cumin contains carotene and phosphate and iron and phosphorus and carbohydrate and antibiotics devastating for all types of simple bacteria, it is also anti-cancer and a booster combination for the body. It also contains enzymes and anti-peptic acidity and material that activates the immune system in the body and the elimination of many pathogens

For the prevention of heart disease and blood pressure and diabetes

The cumin Black bean helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, the researchers found that it is able to reduce blood sugar levels and increase the function of beta cells in the pancreas. Cumin is considered one of the best foods that protects against heart disease and blood clots and heart attacks.

For the prevention of respiratory disease

The treatment of asthma with the black bean boiled in water is one of the most prevalent methods of physical therapy, as well as in the treatment of sore throat caused by bacteria or viruses

Prevention of mental illnesses

The researchers found in medical science the the black bean pigment is able to reduce the symptoms of stress and addiction.

To treat skin problems

Of the most important uses of cumin is to create a layer of protection that works to prevent the formation of scars and wounds that heal quickly. This amazing bean is also used in the treatment of psoriasis as it reduces the prevalence of psoriasis and associated skin infections

Prevention of aging diseases

Cumin beans protect neurons from decomposition and thus the occurrence of dementia, forgetfulness, as reported in cases of convulsions and epilepsy.