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All About Pomegrenate

An autumn fruit desired by many people, it can be added to many dishes , as well as desserts, Its special grains makes it appealing for children and adults alike. It is a beautiful white and red flower that turns into this appetizing fruit which holds hundreds of gleaming water pills, which is an important source of fiber, sugars, pectin and estrogen.

Pomegranate has long been used in ancient folk medicine for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and intestinal infections colon, indigestion, as well as infections of the genital tract and skin diseases, and some allergic skin inflammation and acne.

It has also been used for nervous system diseases such as paralysis, headaches, hysteria and treatment of oral diseases and tooth and gum infections.

Recently it has been proved that it has preventive and therapeutic capabilities of with cancer cells, it is highly effective in stopping cancer growth and stimulating wound healing and strengthening the tissues that contribute to preventing cancer cells from spreading.

Treatment of heart disease and blood vessels

Pomegranates have proven to be an effective antidote to hardening the arteries and the antioxidant effects on platelets and restore the natural functions of the heart muscle.

Natural antibiotic

Pomegranate acts as an anti-microbial infections and tonic for the immune system.

Nutritious for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Several studies indicate that the effective role of the pomegranate for the pregnant mom supply sufficient quantities of iron, as it prevents the deterioration of cartilage and bone health.

To enhance memory and prevention of diseases of aging

Pomegranate helps to stimulate memory and perform mental tasks better.

Prevention of Internal Medicine

It’s been found that eating pomegranate juice reduces cholesterol in the blood, and reduces the risk of diseases associated with diabetes, such as hardening of the arteries. The pomegranate peel soaked will prevent cirrhosis of the liver, where it was used in ancient times to treat many health problems that cause yellowing of the face.