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All you need to know about drinking soda

Many of us are not aware that soda was a pharmaceutical recipe used for the gastrointestinal disorders until it evolved into being a soft drink served as a commercial product in several flavors. However these drinks are being doubted lately for the bad effects they may have on our health. With recent research showing that the additives in the soda can badly affect the human body it is now the right time to start reducing the number of sodas we have per day including those low in sugar.

The overall effects:

In 2012 a Harvard University study showed that sugary drinks (containing a large amount of sugar) increase the risk of chronic heart disease and raise blood pressure. Soft drinks also contain acids which can work with time on the erosion of tooth enamel making them more susceptible to yellowing and necrosis. Soda is also considered bad for the bladder as it can cause infections and urinary problems.

As for those who count on these drinks for an extra dose of caffeine during the day to help them focus during works, they are in fact exposing themselves to a number of complications including a lower capacity of learning and remembering things over time in addition to osteoporosis on the long run.

Thثse are only a few of the negative effects that soda can have on the body, which is why we recommend you have it in moderation!