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Are you ready for summer fasting

There is no doubt that the worship of fasting requires a great mental effort to tame the body's major needs and develop the ability to refrain from eating and drinking voluntarily, and what if this worship coincided with a rise in temperatures and the increased need for thirst and lack of stamina in hot weather. As it is currently known a healthy meal in the month of Ramadan, includes three food groups which are carbohydrates and proteins and mineral salts, these are simple steps that will help you during the fast without feeling tired in the hot weather:

Maintaining the balance of eating different foods

There is an increase in our consumption of many health food as well as unhealthy foods during fasting, so it is advisable not to have big quantities of a certain food group without the other.

Drink water in stages

Some tend to drink large quantities of water at one time and this is a misconception about drinking eight glasses of water a day as the liver sorts out excess water a few hours after drinking it. You should also consider reducing the food that causes the feeling of thirst life fried foods and salted foods, it is also advised to avoid ice water during iftar because the cold water leads to constriction of capillaries and thus slows the digestion.

Dates and Milk or Yoghurt

They help to compensate the sugar in the blood and alert the stomach and digestive system to start the process of digestion.

Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee

Tea and coffee contain a high proportion of diuretics components causing the loss of mineral salts in the body.