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Avoiding Winter Blues

Almost every year at times when the days get shorter and darker, many people, especially senior citizens and single people, suffer winter depression. Moreover, people with previous tendencies for depression seem to experience increased and more intense feelings of loneliness.

Scientifically, winter limits exposure to sunshine, which is considered a main source of vitamin D, a nutrient prominent in preventing depression.

However, people with winter blues can fight it with the right attitude, exercise and nutrition. In practice, you can often start feeling different by October when the weather starts fluctuating and your enzymes send those sad and lonely feelings that so affect your mood. This is the point when you should start working on your proactive and natural anti-depressants that will boost your temper and help you feel good.

Food and healthy diet

Food with ample amounts of Vitamins B, C, D and E help combat depression because they boost the secretion of serotonin into the body. This is the hormone that helps control mood. Turkey, full grain rice and potatoes contain natural segments of these vitamins. Fish oil is another good nutritional supplement that prevents depression.

Food that might create depression

There are certain types of food that increase depression. On the top of the list are rancid oils and frozen food which destroy much of the vitamin E in your body.


Regulalry working out not only prevents you from getting the blues, but also gives you strong concentration and energy. Although it’s difficult to practice outdoor sports in the rain, cycling, jogging and walking release endorphins that make winter blues disappear immediately.

Increase your overall well-being

You can avoid winter depression by taking steps as simple as getting fresh air. Seek light and regularly; go out for a walk during daylight. Another cure is to socialize and meet up with friends. Alternatively, you could use physical relaxation techniques such as aromatherapy, relaxing baths and herbal hot drinks.