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Becoming Lie Detector

How often do we get hurt when someone deceives us or continues to fake being honest when it is obvious that they are lying to us?

Sometimes we respond with ignorance and sometimes we respond according to the detection techniques that we have gained through experience.

In the article below is a basic run-down of physical gestures and other indications that may point out when someone is being deceptive.

Of course, if you run across someone who shows one or more of these signs, it does not make them a deceiver. The behaviors should be watched closely and compared to a person’s behavior on the long run.

Body Language

-       Liars avoid eye contact.

-       Their physical appearance will be stiff with very few movements.

-       They tend to touch their face frequently such as throat, mouth and ears.

Facial Gestures

-       They usually delay display of emotions.

-       Their expressions don’t match verbal statements they declare.

-       Expressions are limited to certain movements instead of the whole face.

-       They use questions to answer others.

Verbal Context

-       They use questions to answer others.

-       Their answers usually tend to be short with a large margin of delusion.

-       A liar would use exaggerated emotional ways to answer an innocent question.


-       Deceivers get defensive easily.

-       They get uncomfortable facing direct questions.

-       Liars place unseen objects with other people.