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Child Preschool Preperations

The countdown clock to school time is ticking louder. Mothers around the world agree that the first few weeks of the academic year are the most stressful.

This is because children need more effort to adjust to their new surroundings combined with discipline to make sense of their newly acquired knowledge. This stress is doubled when the child going to school is a preschooler who has spent every day of their life since day one around their now stressed mommy. Check these ideas out so that you can help your child with an easy transition with plenty of activities.

Teach them that school is fun

Toddlers and preschoolers tend to get bored very quickly; the important key is to motivate them with rewards and teach them that learning is not a chore.

Plan for social activities

Preschoolers find suddenly that they have to stay among strange adults (teachers) and get along with other children they have never met in their life. Start with social blending exercises; join your child in groups with other children; inspire them to practice sharing; taking turns; and playing cooperatively.

Give them expectations

Your little one will be anxious about the whole idea, so never underestimate weird behavior and fears or verbal concerns. As an alternative, help them, in a calm manner, with the needed information. Talk to them one week before about what to expect when they start school and what they will do there. Talk to them about the time they will spend and the things they will find out. You can also read stories about social morals and starting school.

Do a good-bye celebration

Nothing distracts a child’s mind away from stress as much as a party held in their honor. By doing so you will do away with the unspeakable fears that you will vanish out of their sight; or that you'll get lost and won't be able to find your way back to the school to pick him up at the end of the day. One last tip is to create a morning drop off and noon pick-up ritual that will give your child extra time to get ready for daily separation.