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Choosing practical special occasions baby clothing

Every mom and dad has their own impression of what makes special clothing for their baby. While most parents would agree that a child’s clothes must bear washing a trillion times

deciding the right wardrobe for special visits and social gatherings can be essential, especially if this occasion is personal such as a birthday or anniversary. Check these tips for choosing the right dress for your baby that would be both comfy and trendy.

Go comfort

One thing you really need to avoid is having your child complaining every 30 seconds about his/her tight neck or itchy fabric. Look for clothes made with cotton and soft materials. For more sophisticated occasions such as weddings you can go for other fabrics, but still look for a high cotton percentage. Cotton can adjust with your baby's body temperature and is great for all seasons. As for shades, think of the colors of nature – grassy greens, sky white and ocean blues are eye warming and smart.Go comfort

Go for modern updates on classic cuts

Most designers stick to kids’ clothing with a spiced color palette of saffron, clove brown and turmeric yellow, getting their inspiration from traditional multi-cultural roots.

Other essential tips

Remember babies outgrow their sizes quickly, so be sure to ‘buy big’ – at least three months ahead.

Most children hate things pulled over their head, so choose stretchy clothing that won’t irritate them while dressing and going about. If you have to, go for tops that have a wide neck opening.