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Clothes you need to get rid of this season

Each of us has a different taste when it comes to picking out clothes and choosing what is best for you from the latest fashion and beauty trends. But each woman has a different body type which is why we often hear the argument that whatever fits one woman doesn't necessarily fit the other. How do you make sure you have a special and elegant look this season? Here's a list of these clothes.

The straight dress

Regardless of how skinny you are this dress can highlight all your assets and focus on the full parts. Although it is a high fashion item this season we only recommend wearing it if you have the right body type for it.

Tight pants

Just like the straight dress, it is contrary to the body type of Arab women that have thighs and hips and these pants highlight these areas making you look bigger than you are.

Long-sleeved T-shirts

It is quite attractive for working women and those who breastfeed, or for those who simply love this style, and in spite of the practical form, this type only fits the girls who have shoulders that are the same size of their pelvis or you will look fuller or skinnier than what you really are.

Leather jacket

Every fall season this piece comes back to the front of the shops, and in spite of the attractive shape, we do not advise you to have it unless completed with matching trousers and accessories with geometric shapes free of rose.

Very high heels

Apart from being detrimental to the safety of your spine, you do not need this much length, no matter your height! In spite of short women that feel concerned that they need to show their femininity by wearing those heals, they can show it in many other ways that do not harm their health.

High waist

You do not need to have super beauty standards but you just need confidence, and unfortunately, the high waist works to highlight the waist and abdomen from underneath and does not cover them! So if you do not have a graceful waist Stay away from this trend.