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Creating Perfect Home Plan

Your home is where your way of life and your notions of individual comfort meet your day dreams of the perfect home and your definition of ‘quality of life’ in a unique way.

There is exceptional value to be found in living in the home that you designed and chose: the individuality it endorses is unprecedented. Your home speaks of the person you are and empowers your prosperity and well-being.

First Step: Deciding the location of home’s entrance

It is important to understand that the entrance to your home must be practical and fit in with each family member’s daily activities. Some people prefer the entrance to be close to the living room, whilst others prefer closeness to kitchen and garage. It could also be said that a middle area is also a good choice of entrance space: it is a personal choice.

Here are a few tips to improve your entrance:

  • A clear entrance hall or pathway allows energy to flow into your home.
  • The area that can be seen from the entrance door should exclude the non-public areas of the house .
  • Being close to the kitchen is a practical choice in terms of controlling dirt and dust.
  • In terms of decoration, tall and thin items can be used to decorate your front door without blocking the entrance.

Second Step: Guest / Living room:

Most home-owners prefer home plans with privacy for bedrooms and living spaces; these are few tips to improve the location of your living room:

  • Consider how much privacy you need. If it is something that is a major concern to you, consider a house plan with a U shape design, which will allow for a separation of public and private areas.
  • Check your house plan for the location of windows to see if they will offer suitable privacy from your neighbor's windows and backyards.
  • A toilet that is close to guest rooms will facilitate privacy.

Third Step: Choosing Interior plan:

The geographical and natural features of your home can have a large influence on the style of home design. Therefore, while choosing a house plan, consider whether your home is a summer house or a permanent residence. Also keep in mind whether you will have guests visiting often or if you are a fan of weekend parties. Windows and door spaces will govern which areas your occupy, so you have to capitalize your space. Set your budget and the margin within which you can move before starting the last few steps of your home.