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Dealing Embarrassing Moments

Everyone has had those moments when something suddenly happens that makes you uncomfortable.

Embarrassing moments happen to everybody, but some situations unquestionably rank higher than others; since some of those moments occur in public with strangers witnessing the event.

It is a fact that embarrassing moments are terrible butmore common than you think! At the worst, depending on how awkward a moment is, it can hurt you emotionally. Follow these steps and deal with such moments better.

Embarrassing Moments in public

-  You are at the shopping mall and you glimpse a close friend or relative who you know would chat forever; yet you are in a hurry or with a group of people (either way, you are just not in the mood to talk). Avoid walking along the same path without looking like you are running away. If it is impossible to avoid your friend, smile and explain that you are running late for a date or simply explain that the people accompanying you are in a hurry.

-  You are shopping with your sister or girlfriend and she is about to buy a garment that makes her look too fat or too skinny or simply not beautiful: Now if she doesn’t actually ask for your opinion it will be easy to discourage her indirectly by tempting her with more shopping to find what she is looking for.  However, if she has asked for your opinion, then the best thing to do will be to complain about the fabric or quality.

Embarrassing Moments on the phone

-  A frequent awkward incident that happens through mobile communication is when you call the wrong contact whose number is located exactly below or above the actual number of the person you are calling. If the situation is appropriate,be honest as there is nothing to apologize for and it would ease bizarre situation. However,if it is difficult to tell the truth, talk to theperson tactfully explaining that you have just called to say hi and you do not have much time because you are at your work or in the presence of toddlers.

-  During a mobile call you hear a beep warning you about running out of credit in less than a minute, so you do not have enough time to explain. If a person is close to you tell the truth and save critical time. If not, depending on your surroundingsuse a smart excuse like you’regoingout of the network  area or you have to check on your active toddler.