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Decorating Clues To Learn From Your Closet

Are you a fashion-loving geek? Do you consider fashion-shopping to be on top of your hobbies list? Experts believe that the areas of your brain that boost your need for a new shirt are the same parts that bring you to being passionate about new décor or design. Whether it’s selecting a new chair or new pants, what works in your closet can work in your home.

Not convinced yet? Check these concepts that are applicable to both fashion and decorating:

1.Your Personal Style: If you go through your very favorite shoes, dresses, shirts and even accessories you will find them grouped together with materials, textures and colors. Moreover, you will be amazed towards how different patterns look similar.

2. Blending: Both elite interiors and outfits are the outcome of artful blends of colors and materials. Just like your clothes reveal your attitude, your home shows to what extent you are liberated and modern.

3. Classic: Can you think of how classic outfits tell a lot about the lady who wears them? It also means that your classic sofa can show much about your character. Using classic pieces is one way to break through the flatness of mass fashion trends.

4. Shop as you go: Have you picked up an item of clothing while visiting a new city, country or even a new area? The same applies to decoration accessories. Nevertheless these objects tell great stories of where you have been and the new food you’ve tried.

5. Wait for the right mood: There is a well-known rule that advises people not to go shopping while you are feeling angry, excited or blue. It follows, then, that your best interior items are definitely picked at the right time. When we choose quality pieces, our properties will always be fascinating and timeless.

6. Colors and patterns: Any piece of art should present good sense of harmony; this can be achieved by combining right patterns and color shades.

7. Variety is a key: You cannot be a fashoinista all day long or all days of the month, you could be on killer heels in the morning and in your oldest sweatpants in the evening. Choose your furniture at the most opportune time: sweatpants may not be the time to choose items for your public rooms.

8. Customize to your character: Nothing is more chic than finalizing your look with custom touches: necklace, scarf or hair accessory. Try adding a decorative pillow or patterned ribbon to your lamp and watch the x-factor effect.