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Dont Throw Reuse

Recycling has always been a common practice for most of human history when resources are scarce.

In the twenty first century, communal recycling programs have became crucial alternatives to the municipal dump, and a number of different systems have been implemented to reduce the general waste stream.

Many studies have emphasized the role of parents and schools in addressing recycling behavior and promoting strategies that encourage community involvement in recycling programs.

Here are few fresh tips for reusing items:

Plastic bottles

This is the most common recyclable item that can be remodeled into many useful household objects without using more than scissors and paper. Simply cut the neck off the bottle and invert it for use as a funnel for kitchen / garden and car use. The remainder of the bottle can be used as bangle base and canning funnels. 2L bottles can be cut in the same way, and the n reused as toy boxes in play rooms.

Carton Boxes

These multi shaped boxes come with new shoes, tissues, potato chips, candies and other items and are primarily used for packaging things and materials.

Again, with nothing more complex than scissors, you can change those containers into colored storage boxes. They can also be used as a storage case for picnics or beach parties.

Pringles boxes make great flower vases. Laundry soap boxes could be cleaned and covered then used in the living room as magazine and newspapers holder.

Larger cardboard boxes can be reused in the construction of a range of school projects, children's toys, costumes and art experiments.

Pottery Pots

The old and scratched pottery pots you keep in the garden are acutely the best lightweight, waterproof and durable pots for your fruits.