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Dry skin causes and treatment

Who has not suddenly notice that there is white layer of light on their hands? Or wrinkles on a delicate skin caused by dry skin? Skin problems are considered one the worse problems women face, especially because their causes are not always physical as it can be an imbalance in hormones or minor fluctuations in the weather, especially in the fall and winter where complaint of dry skin reach their peak..

The treatment of dry skin is possible after knowing all its causes and getting the right treatments for it:

Feeding method

Malnutrition has a negative effect on the health of the skin; especially when there is a shortage of vitamin A, in particular, as well as when following a diet that doesn’t take into account the dietary rules of sound health. One of the most beneficial foods to moisturize the skin is nuts, fruits and vegetables, especially spinach, parsley and cabbage.

Misuse of body and face lotion

Showering a lot with water and lotions can also cause dry skin, which is only exacerbated by excessive drying with towel or hot air. Try to use soap that contains natural oils such as olive oil and glycerin.

Drinking water

Just like the internal organs of the body that need to moisturize , always make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, which helps to moisturize the skin well as maintain freshness

Review a specialist doctor

It's better to see a doctor or a dermatologist when some disturbing symptoms last for more than three weeks.