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Eating Without Hunger: Emotional or compulsive eating

The title may seem surprising to some, but it is for others it is not unusual and is not surprising, but this eating disorder, or so-called compulsive eating disorder is a psychiatric disorder which leads to eating without any motive or hunger.

It is a serious disease that pushes the people infected into adopting devastating health styles, whether it is excessive eating and self depravation and other behavioral patterns that appear as a result of the face of psychological states that have not been previously overcome, such as the feeling of inferiority, depression, stress tension and anxiety

Like any other bad habits, the people affected with these addictions are faced with psychological pressure using this disorder as a way to counter the negative feelings, but after it they are left with a guilty feeling because of what they ate and this turns into a vicious circle in their life..

Symptoms of compulsive eating disorder

In normal cases, people do not tend to over eat, except when in different collective events, but for people either suffering from compulsive disorder they eat in most case large amounts of food are affected by emotional swings and therefore cannot afford to pick what they are eating and to control the quantity of the food.