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Etiquette of Social Media

In just 10 years, social networking sites have become an integral part of our lives, so that the prevailing habits that connects family and friends is to be through Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter.

And usually this has become a daily habit that takes into our time such as visits and other social activities, but the social customs and laws are subject to certain assets and behavioral rules while social networking sites are not subject to these rules which often lead us to deal with these sites in random ways. So we suggest some important rules to deal politely and properly with others via these sites.

- Just as social relations with strangers succumb to certain laws you should consider the same when adding strangers across social networking sites as it is preferred not to entertain strangers or when needed to communicate within certain limits.

- Deleting any member of your friends list or family for perfectly good reasons sometimes is often considered rude, when needed try to find more diplomatic ways to dealing with these people.

- Do not publish images of others without their permission and do not give out information or divulge their private secrets.

- It's nice to communicate with family members that are in other countries about your activities and other details, but not in front of all your friends list, some people should not be seing all that you share with your private connections.

- All these applications and sites are prone to technical faults so avoid displaying your photos and any personal writing abusive to others, especially from your friends list.