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Everything you need to know about clothes fabrics

We often examine clothes and the most appropriate fashion that fits our bodies so that the designs that show our beauty and hides our flaws and this process needs experience, however the same is required to choose the right fabrics and fibers that are used to highlight the impact on the design.

To prove this theory we all notice that certain fabrics are used for everyday wear while others are only used for nightwear etc...

How to recognize the flaws of certain fabrics

While shopping for clothes it is not enough to examine the design, but we must note any difference in the color of cloth or rupture when extended, these observations reveal the quality of the cloth and the quality of the dye colors.

Types of fabrics

Fabrics are divided according to their source: natural, such as cotton, silk, wool, satin, crepe and linen, and there are industrial fibers such as polyester, chiffon, while the third type is a mixture between natural fibers and industries: such as nylon, lycra and velvet.

As for the characteristics of natural fabrics they are usually smooth and have an easy friction with the body while industrial fabrics are durable and wrinkle resistant, and the mixed fabrics have one thing in common which is to preserve heat.