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Everything you need to know about Gluten

Recently many talks have been spread about gluten and food containing gluten or others as alternative for allergic reactions because some people cannot easily digest it.

The Gluten is a protein substance which constitutes 80% of the content of wheat seed and thus all its derivatives, it also resides in the lower rates in most types of barley and grain. Gluten exists in certain proportions of wheat flour, which is very important in baking and pastry industry where the protein works to keep the texture intact

Celiac disease

It is a digestive disorders resulting from eating and is known to be cause inflammation of the small intestine to people intolerant to gluten.

Alternative foods for wheat

There are many foods that contain similar nutritional components of wheat, but they do not contain gluten, such as corn, rice, corn starch, potatoes, sweet potatoes, milk, and meat of all kinds, eggs and olive oil..

Gluten allergy treatment

There is no cure for this disease except to follow a diet completely free of wheat and its derivatives eating non gluten-containing foods and compensating with alternative vitamins and iron, which the body needs

Foods that contain gluten

Bread, pasta, desserts consisting of flour and semolina, donuts, cakes, Maftool, cracked wheat, biscuits. All foods that containing breadcrumbs like broasted chicken, fish and nuggets.