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Expert Home Manicure Pedicure Tips

Don’t we all try to take some time to indulge in giving ourselves some beauty treats? A full manicure and pedicure is always on top of the list, so - check these tips from nail art experts to get salon hands at home

Step1: Wash your hands and nails thoroughly, remove previous polish then wash again and dry with a soft towel. Then, pour some sugar or salt with olive oil together and massage your hands and feet with it. Rinse and dry.

Step2: Clean cuticles and cut your nails as desired. Do not over cut the skin around your nails, as it will be irritating to use your hands afterwards.

Step3: Apply a nutrient base coat, choose a good quality one with vitamin E, it also helps the staying power of the manicure. Apply your chosen color: the best way to paint nails is painting a stripe down the middle and then down each side.

Step4: Apply transparent polish. Try to do two coats but allow the first one to dry before applying the second. Allow your nails to dry for at least 15 minutes to guarantee smudge free color.