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Fashion trends autumn 2012

Another summer folds its heat away, giving way for cooler breezes asautumn rushes in with some ‘back to school’ tweaks.

Soon enough, the Eid vacation arrives, giving you a little space to refresh your wardrobe, follow trendy beauty tips and keep an uplifting celebratory mood.

One trend that stood out at fashion weeks was pale green colors and perfect summer pastel looks, lacy accessories with styled and skinny belts.

Fashion trends Autumn 2012

Autumn 2012 fashion shows have demonstrated trends that showdesigners pre-adding accessories saving time in choosing suitable matches. An imprinted woolen top is a must for this season; and you will also need long trendy shirts. Oriental fabrics and all shades of red, continue this season, with extra trend points being scored with a bow belt suits.

Hairstyles trends Autumn 2012

Fashion hairstyles for this season are significantly different from preceding autumn seasons. Ponytails and buns are top ranked as they are easy, elegant and suit all occasions. That said, the wavy hair look is the classic autumn hairstyle that never wears out.

Make-up trends Autumn 2012

Light greens, light blues and beige are the ultimate trendy make-up looks this season. Moreover, you can afford to add oily eye shadow and the classic sixties black eyeliner. Draw your kohl longer than your real eye line to get a sophisticated look.

Beauty and skin care trends Autumn 2012

Multi-tasking during Autumn is inevitable for most of the hard working mothers and employees. Life and time constraints along withdaily pressures,definitely leave a trace on your skin,causing pimples and other undesired facial scars. To avoid that, follow a beauty routine that preserves your glowing inner beauty. Drink 8 liters of water daily to keep your skin purified.

Wash with warm water instead of hot or cold to protect your skin from getting dry.Moisturize with skin creams suitable for you. Specify one day a week to scrub and expoliateyour body and get rid of dead skin.

For your hair and nails; maintaina natural healthy diet, apply moisturizing oils to remove excess layers and make them stronger.

If your hair requires special care, then we recommend that you visit your trusted salon and ask for all the necessary arrangements to renew your look while maintaining the perfect healthy look as desired.