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Fasting Healing Secrets

Each year we welcome the month of Ramadan with joy anticipation and passion mixed with reflection on what our bodies and souls go through during the fasting. In contrast to fatigue and exhaustion, which would be the normal result of fasting from food and drink,

, those who fast for thirty days can make the most of the fast and receive great energy and a stable psychological state, which can lead to lifting the immune system.

Fasting kills bacteria and expels toxins
Scientists have proved that fasting from food and drink for specific periods, gives the immune system a chance to exercise its functions in a more focused way, since the brain is not distracted with metabolic functions as a result of excess food. Once a body gets used to fasting, the body's cells begin to expel toxins accumulated on a daily basis, hence fasting is unmatched for a light feeling and unmatched comfort. Over time, fasting increases the body's resistance to viruses and increase the effectiveness of many hormones.
Fasting reduces the risk of chronic diseases
Several studies have shown the role of regular fasting in reducing the incidence of some chronic diseases to almost zero. The studies have shown this through the  survival rate among infected individuals who suffer from diseases of the arteries and heart; kidney and colon; diabetes; high blood pressure and liver disease. In a recent study, scientists demonstrated that fasting can halt cancer cell division as it cleans the colon, stomach and is, therefore, also useful in the prevention of kidney stones. It is also works as a treatment for asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Weight loss and many of the hidden benefits
The benefits of fasting are not limited to the delaying the aging of brain cells. It has the biggest impact of comparable low calorie diets with calorific intake cut by almost half, so it is the easiest and safest ways to treat obesity. Once the body is organized in the process of daily fasting, weak cells in different organs of the body (like fat) are lost without harm.
The fast of Ramadan is like a general medical check-up. It creates relative comfortin the body, through the raising of energy levels in various organs of the body, whilst getting rid of the tension that often consciously or unconsciously affects us.  The extraordinary ability of fasting to treat pain caused by bone-ache, back ache, slipped discs, sciatica and more is well known. Moreover, fasting protects against osteoporosis and increases the bones’ density as a result of the limited amount of calories consumed.
Fasting, a treatment of mental disorders and addiction
Fasting improves the human capacity to cope with frustration and stress factors, as a result of general reverence associated with empty stomach. It also helps observers to quit smoking and beat addiction to various pills through the process of cleaning toxins mentioned above. Owing to the condition of stability that comes from fasting, the body works more efficiently (with the mental disturbance than normally dominate our days absent). Perhaps the best thing is that fasting reactivates brain cells and increases their ability to work and create.