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Five new ways to use rice around the house

Rice is one of the basic components that must be available in our kitchens in most cases, but what is unknown to many is that it is also one of the ingredients used in the formulations known for whitening skin and cosmetic manufacturing. Rice has proven to be very effective in smoothing, moisturizing, and peeling skin, whether manufactured in the form of creams, serum or different oils.

Skin filter

Boil half a cup of rice with a glass of water for a quarter of an hour, then drain well and preserve the rice water in a clean spray bottle. You can also mix the resulting rice and put it in the form of mask to clean the pores of the skin and lighten its color.

Skin Whitener

You can prepare the above-mentioned holder rice to lighten the skin, and put it as a facial on your skin for a quarter of an hour a day and you will notice the result within a week.

Hair conditioner

Rice water contains proteins and enzymes that are nutritious to help treat damaged and dry hair and improves their smoothness and luster.

For the treatment of acne

Rice has a high nutritional value because it contains many minerals, salts and vitamins as well as fiber that helps those suffering from inflammation caused by acne, and through a rice facial for 15 minutes a day.

Soften the skin

If you want to restore the smoothness of your hands and its shine after a long day of painstaking work Unfold the rice holder with points of rose water or a little grated option on your hands and wear gloves and leave for a quarter of an hour. And the mixture will give you the same amazing results when used for facial skin.