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Following Table Manners

Many people feel out of place when dining simply because they don't know how to follow table manners, especially if they have been invited to a nice place. We admit that it is difficult to learn every point of etiquette at a glance, but here are a few general pointers

Observe your host and follow their lead. The key objective in learning table manners is to feel comfortable when dining with others and the host is generally the leader at a dinner party or meal.

Wait for host to invite you to the table. She or he may assign you to a seat. Stand behind the chair as the other guests get assembled. When the host sits, take your seat.

Use the appropriate cutlery. If there are many utensils in your place setting and there is more than one course, start on the outside and work your way in.

Take one roll or one slice of bread only. If you have a bread plate to the left of your fork, put the bread on it. When the butter is passed to you, use the serving knife to take a pat and place it on your bread plate. Then pass the butter dish along with the serving knife to the next person.

Place your napkin next to your plate on the table when you wish to leave. Wait for your host to indicate the meal is complete and then stand up, push your chair back in and thank your host for a delicious meal