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Forgive And Let Go of Grudges

Let’s be honest with ourselves and confess the truth: who has never held a grudge? Or who has never experienced bitterness towards somebody? No matter who let you down, it is important that we learn how to move past negative feelings. With our tips, we will not only give you the choice of being happy, but will also help you get over your frustrations.

STEP 1: Locate the source of the grudge

You know who hurt you and how, but if they are in your past, why are you still frustrated? Think deep of what keeps this grudge ignited? Meditate and analyze the matter to find its true source. This step will help you transfer emotional control back into your hands.

STEP 2: Measure the impact of the grudge on your life

Maybe you don’t realize you are keeping a hidden grudge inside you, then suddenly you pass something that reminds you of your grudge and you find yourself acting passively or submissively. Perhaps the trigger makes you feel other emotions. It is important that you understand the need to change.

STEP 3: It’s time for change

If we think of behavior patterns that the people around us act upon; we find that most of them live with a grudge that gave them certain attitude. So when we let go of a grudge; it makes us change and become more open to life.

STEP 4: Leave the past behind

The last step is to make the mental decision to let go of the negative in your past. It doesn’t mean you will forget related incidents, but it means you will not allow anything to contaminate your happiness now or in the future