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Give Your Closet Doors The Best Fashion Statement

Does your closet look like a nutshell? Do you go through the process of reorganizing your closet often? Do you feel overwhelmed every time you add new clothes in?  Check our secret plan that shows how to brainwash your closet, and make it appealing every time you open it.

Less is a bless

Choice is a paradox mental and physical process, so the more options we have to choose from it actually causes anxiety and limits creativity. Always limit your wardrobe, and you will feel more satisfied and more creative. Remove every item you don’t really like and you will be amazed how clean this big box will feel.

Rule of Three

Typically, your outfit consists of: Tops, bottoms and shoes. So it’s better to organize your wardrobe dividing these three categories. To complete this rule, work into organizing shoes into 3 basic pairs: flats, heels, and boots.                                                                                                                                                                          Next in planning are bottoms; organize them into: jeans, shorts, and skirts. Then, there are tops; these too can be divided into: sweaters, t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, and vests.

Classic is gold

Have you ever been confused about what to wear? And then decided to go classic? That’s because it works like a charm.Always keep classics pieces in your wardrobe, solid colored cardigans, pencil skirts, black pants, dark denim and white shirts.  These classics are a keeper and will serve as your fashion foundation and easily allow you to mix and match with the other items in your wardrobe.