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Health Boosting ‪‎Spices‬

We're always looking for ways to freshen up standard recipes, and herbs and spices are the best way to kick up the flavors in a dish. Not only do they liven up recipes without adding any additional calories, but they come with a many of health advantages, too.


If you're craving fall comfort food, reach for cinnamon. Not only does it add a warm, spicy flavor to meals but the spice has been shown to help keep blood glucose levels and triglyceride levels under control.


Mint is a delicious, antioxidant-rich herb that will liven up meals in a snap. Try it in a fresh lemon-mint vinaigrette poured over a grain-based salad or as a tasty addition to dinner with this Lamb Chops With Mint Yogurt Sauce — a hearty Mediterranean meal high in flavor, but low in fat. Not only is mint high in carotenes and vitamin C and A, which give your immune system a boost, but research shows that the oil derived from its leaves can aid in digestion, reduce gas and bloating, and ease pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.


High in antioxidants, ginger offers big health benefits. Ginger can increase your metabolism by about 20 percent for three hours! This is namely because of ginger's gingerols and capsaicin, two compounds known to boost metabolic rates.