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Health symptoms you can discover through your teeth

There is a common belief that diseases affecting the teeth and gums reflect the general oral health of a person, but in fact it is an indicator of many dental health problems in many areas of the body, so make sure to raise the red flags when necessary to take good care of your teeth and body.

Gum color

The pale color of gum indicates the likelihood of anemia due to iron deficiency as it may refer to other esoteric diseases which are dangerous in the body.

Dry mouth

Of course, the number one cause of dry mouth is dehydration due to lack of fluid, but the consumption of drugs can also lead to a decline in the flow of saliva in the mouth, which is the first defense line of the teeth. The case of dry mouth also increases among patients with diabetes, and in many cases the dentist can be the first to diagnose this problem.

Sensitive teeth

Many complain of the sensitivity of their teeth which is said to be caused as a direct result of bad dental health, as research has shown stress and anxiety as well as infections are the main causes for the bleeding gums and affect the teeth.

The general health of the gums and teeth

Low immunity in the body can generally cause white sores inside the mouth, it is also linked to heart problems with gum disease, which is why doctors recommend to patients suffering from chronic inflammation of the gums to undergo tests to reveal their heart’s health.