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Healthy Hair Secrets

Most women believe that tips and tricks for their shiny and silky locks can be attained only from salons.

However, the main reasons behind healthy and protected hair are simple. They are things that can be practiced in your home and in front of your mirror.

Although average hair folicle can withstand the abuse of heat and blow drying,

take advantage of these tips:

Dry your hair with care, avoid combing damp strands. Although heated tools deliver fast great looks, they can also harm hair.

Apply styling products that coat hair and protect it.  Ask for colorants with less ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

Maintain your smooth curls or waves by recognizing your hair type and applying the proper products.

Even if you shower every day, never shampoo more than 3 times a week. After showering, leave your hair to dry out naturally.

If you have natural curly hair, comb it with your fingers while messaging your scalp to keep your hair nurtured.

If you have a specific problem, try supercharged treatments that contain natural oils.

Go gentle with pony tails. As much as they look very feminine, long and tense bonds could weaken hair.

Try consuming nutritional supplements such as vitamins, biotin and cod liver oil. But don’t fret for instant results – there needs to be a minimal period of three months to observe improvement.

Put on deep conditioners before you shower, even with dyed hair you can find suitable conditioner to use.

The ideal shine enhancing tool is anti-frizz serum.

Tame your hair with suitable haircuts, don’t just imitate celebrities’ pictures in tabloids.

If you have a skin irritation or condition, ask your doctor for help, as some skin problems can reflect on the hair