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How similar Is choosing your home paint to your makeup?

Can you imagine choosing your next wall color in the same way that you buy your new eye shadow or nail polish color? It does sound strange, but let’s find together how the two are related.

Similarity and difference

Of course, walls and your skin are different, as different as two canvases in an artist’s studio. One is flat and lifeless, needing colour and pattern to bring life, the other is alive and merely needs color and pattern to enhance.

However, there is a transformational power in both changing the color of a wall or of your nails. The mental process is very similar. In both cases, the change can make everything look new again. Beyond that, just like your skin, architectural surfaces need to be enhanced with color and not just overwhelmed with painted covers.

Risk in changing

While some women hesitate to try new shades on their skin, others pause many times before  changing their home’s decoration. Some women rarely change either because they fear the colors just won't feel like them.

There is an element of risk in both cases: repainting your walls is not as simple as applying some eye-shadow - or washing it off again after. Yet the risk is exciting. It is dependent upon how women and houses need colors to look at their best. The right time to take a risk is when you find a style and trend stirring your senses; a style or trend that you simply love.

Applying artistic assessment

Whether it's selecting a new decoration style or a new lipstick shade your senses tap the same thought process. Just as you combine your outfit with your chosen make-up style, you alter your house around your own personal decorating styles. Trust that what appeals to your senses at your home will also work in your mirror. At both times you get to exercise creative zones in your brain!