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How To Choose Your Type Of Perfume

Just like clothes and accessories that we select based on the suitability of our character and the nature of our lives, the same goes for fragrances which are like our favorite colors, changing according to the seasons or our psychological state.

Perfumes have a deep attachment to our senses, which explains why we tie the smell to places and memories, which are centered on the beautiful moments and emotions in our lives. But what is also interesting is that one puff of perfume can change our mood and make us happy so what is the perfect way to choose a perfume?

Shop for perfumes in the morning

Just like you avoid going to the supermarket when your hungry, the best time to experience the fragrance is in the morning when the sense of smell is very clear and has not yet been affected by strong odors and fumes.

Follow your senses and not the brand

The fact that a frangrance is by a famous fashion house or your celebrity’s favorite, it does not mean that this fragrance fits your nature, so look for the smell, not the name.

Don’t buy the perfume of your friends

Just because you've sniffed the smell on one of your friends does not mean that it will be the same on you, the theory that we hear from the interaction of the fragrance molecules with external skin layer is 100% true and the smell interacts differently with each skin type.

Try the fragrance directly on your skin

Habit has become to test the fragrance on a small paper and often mix with the smell of paper, so we recommend you try it on your skin only.

Don’t buy it on impulse

Fragrances pass several physical stages before the real smell is reflected and this means that you have to wait for almost a quarter of an hour before making your decision.

Follow the old advice: Do not experience more than three types of perfume at once, because your sense of smell will not be able to experience the real fragrances if you try too many.