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How to cope with your kids different personalities

Many mothers balance the desire for further children against the challenges of raising the child they already have

One of the main problems of raising more than one child presents itself through the different personalities of the children, especially as they conflict. At that point, every mother finds her own way of balancing her affections between her children, whilst also balancing their personalities

We all know the importance of the attention given by a mother in the child's development of psychological and behavioral aspects, but it should be remembered that it is normal for mothers to feel the confusion and tension sometimes through daily dealings with her children. The solution is to organize their lives and have daily routines to meet most of their needs at specific times, otherwise fatigue will overcome them, and they will fail to follow up their interest alone. Here are some tips that will help you to cope with your children without having to sacrifice your special time.

Sort specific dates for meals

Having unified meals times during the day can easily help you feed each child depending on his needs, whilst allowing you to have a specific time to prepare the food. It will help you feed the whole family at one time.

Unifying TV time

Since most of the psychological and behavioral research emphasizes the damage of watching too much television, let them choose two or three hours (at the most) to watch while you get some time to yourself. In the remaining times you can distribute their time between study and playing or different activities.

Find a common activity

This activity will serve as a time of fun and play that you can spend with your children without the need to split yourself and your time amongst them.

Unified sleeping and resting times

If you are feeling tired all the time, it means that you are physically depleted, so give yourself special moments of comfort while your kids sleep or nap as well.