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How to design your own beautiful French décor!

Each country's cultural attributes and features make it an important highlights and so is the mixed cultures and backgrounds in Parisian homes that include a collection of fine detail that integrates the classics and create a symphony of trims which are complementary to each other.

The French style is unique with its printed with flowers and gilded wooden frames, which date back to the era of Louis XIV, who had a distinctive touch on French history with his unique tastes in colors and furniture. From bright colors and high end furniture this king had a very artistic touch with delightful decorations and unique bright colors that were painted for the first time such as: Orange, light grey, blue and pink.

The newly context to the French style is joy, warmth and the moral synthesis is mirroring between furniture and accessories such as carpets, curtains, pillows and upholstered chairs.

Synthesis of heterogeneous colors

The French décor is known for its beautiful patterns with magnificent design and wood panels with bright and natural colors.


Walls are considered as an element to bring life to the room and the French style has no limit to the creativity that can complement the furniture.

Kitchen-colored rainbow

Have you ever pictured your kitchen in pink or blue light that illuminates the room and gives it a nice touch? Blue and White colors are the essential of French Kitchen as well as the main colors of their furniture .