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How to help your kids eat their vegetables

As soon as the mother starts providing solid foods for the child it is the beginning of a long journey of rejection so it is advisable to provide a variety of healthy vegetables and fruits, such as mashed potatoes when they reach six months. And whenever the children becomes used to eating certain foods at the beginning of his teething it became usually easier later on, which is why we advise you to always have diversification in his food.

Crunchy and nutritious together

Children often like to eat crunchy foods, which are usually fried like crackers, so you can get around the kids in the way of food preparation by adding nutritious ingredients with a grainy and distinctive flavor. For example, you can use carrots, cabbage,cauliflower, potatoes and grill them in the oven with a pinch of salt. Children's sense of taste is strong and will not be able to eat unless the food is delicious. If this doesn’t work there are many varieties of vegetables that can be made in different healthy and delicious ways so you don’t have to provide it raw.

Always have fruits and vegetables

Even if your child refused to eat these things one day, do not stop trying and providing it to him every time. It becomes easy for him to get used to eating vegetables, fruits and to accept them with time.

Have a big color variation

Colors are considered an important factor in encouraging children to experiment so always make sure to provide fruits and vegetables of multiple colors for your children.

Don’t eliminate things that you don’t like

Children always imitate their families eating habits so if there is any food you are not fond of do not reflect it on your child and make sure to always have it on your table if your kids happen to like it.

Gather ingredients

Try to always mix vegetables and fruit with ingredients that your child loves. Brocolli with noodles and spinach pies can be delicious. Or fruits can be mixed with brown sugar or jam, or a little chocolate sauce or even ice cream until it becomes a favorite with your kids.

Juices and smoothies

This is the most appropriate way to help them eat the fruit that they always reject as all kinds of juices are generally liked by children. Share the preparation phase with you children as things that we consider simple and dull can be very interesting for them.