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How to keep your kitchen germ free

Did you know your kitchen could actually be making you sick?

If it’s not cleaned properly, the kitchen could be host to many kinds of germs.

Here are some easy tips for keeping your kitchen clean and your food safe.

Wash Your Work Surface

Studies have shown that granite counter tops, in particular, are especially hospitable to bacteria. Use soap and hot water to swab down counter tops and faucets often, especially if you are handling raw fish, poultry, or meat.

If you use paper towels, throw them away immediately; dish cloths and towels should go in the laundry basket.

Clean Your Cutting Boards

Wash chopping boards and blocks with hot water and soap and let them air dry. If you’re extra concerned about bacteria, forget plastic and use wooden boards instead studies have shown that food bacteria have a harder time surviving on wood.

Since a variety of foods touch your cutting board, make sure to use a different board for each type of meat or produce.

Zap Your Sponges

Clean them often, otherwise, a sponge is a bacteria barge. Microwaving sponges for a full minute or washing them in the dishwasher (include the drying cycle) will help keep them clean.

Use different sponges for different tasks, so you don’t cross-contaminate

If your sponge starts to look worn-out, replace it.