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How To Make Your Cubicle Feel Like Home

Most of us spend more than 40 hours a week in a small cubicle that we get to look at more than we do at our homes, so it's crucial to make this space inspiring and appealing as possible. Underneath, we support you with few guidelines that help you get the best of your personalized cubicle.

Clean is clear

Remove unused items and documents, hide away finished jobs and put together staples and office supplies.

Personal Organization

It might sound weird, but work on doing your own filing system; this would make you feel more productive and efficient. Besides, you will not get to experience anxiety panic brought on by looking for lost information.

A scent of your home

Keep an item that you relate to your home at heart, this can have a serious impact on overall mood. Photos and frames are one of the best ways to add warmth to your cube; it'll cheer you to see these faces regularly.

Go lively green

These small plants might be tiny in size, but green removes the emptiness from any space. Select a plant that requires very little maintenance or go for a realistic silk plant. Buy a mister bottle for regular watering.


We don’t say you turn into a DJ; just surround yourself with peaceful sounds. Make sure that others cannot hear any sounds coming from your area. Natural sounds of the ocean or birds are great choices that can help you through stressful times during the day or while you are taking your break and need to relax.


Décor accessories such as a vase or artistic stationary are great for mood boosting. If your cubicle‘s surroundings are in a very basic setting, add some color, add something that makes you happy and will brighten your day.