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How to prepare for your child's first Fast

Beautiful is the scene of pressing young boys and girls nagging on their mothers for their desire to fastlike other family members, and in spite of the overwhelming joy plaguing the mother in this situation, she also worries about their ability to withstand the hardship of hunger for a long period of time the fact that fasting does not prevent the taboo but only prevents the natural and necessary things for the body and the human instinct refuses forced bans. Following this point, mothers seek in positive gradient with their children to prepare them for fasting step by step.

Be in synch with your child's abilities

Thirty days of continuous fasting is difficult thing for your child, try to debate with him about fasting for a certain number of hours and deal with it day by day, because children differ a lot within one month taking into account the child's physical health and structure.

Prepare your child psychologically

Many children grow to love Ramadan and fasting and the interaction with the joy of the people for his arrival. This image is synchned into in their minds and as soon as it is time for Ramadan the child retrieves his happy memories from past years. Encourage this feeling for your child by including him in your preparations like hanging decorations and lanterns.

Collective fasting for children

If your child has brothers or relatives of his age it is nice to use the spirit of competition and encourage them through the work schedule attached in their room and with a colored star for each day of fasting for the child, taking into consideration a consolation prize for those who found it difficult to fast all the days like the rest.

Family Iftars and Suhoor

Always try to involve your child in the preparations for Iftar and Suhoor and arrange the table, there is also no harm in assigning him to prepare a certain dish or juice as a daily task